Tree and Shrub Pest Control

Tree and Shrub Pest Control,

Bagworms tree and shrub pest control, bugs and irritations are fundamentally nature’s “garbage men”.

Their primary job is to eliminate matured and focused on plants from the scene.

Urbanized plants and trees can carry on with a harsh life, and without appropriate consideration, can be overwhelmed with savage creepy crawlies like aphids and scale.

Aphids and scale creepy crawlies burn-through the sweet sap from your trees and bushes and influence them to gradually decrease and bite the dust.

Cankerworms (otherwise called “inch worms”)

feed on the leaves of your trees and bushes.

Throughout the spring season cankerworms can thoroughly defoliate an experienced tree. The tree should push new leaves to make due.

Much of the time the tree is now worried and the assault from infection worms welcomes on abrupt demise to the tree.

Shrub Doctors adopts a proactive strategy to bug the executives.

We assess your property at each visit to address early indications of creepy crawly movement.

We additionally use foundational creepy crawly controls, to shield your scene from occasional bug harm.

Shrub Doctors uses numerous natural bug sprays. We likewise keep up with present status permitting needed for bug control applications.

Try not to permit your trees and bushes to be harassed by bugs this season.

Call Shrub Doctors today for a free assessment, and answer for your creepy crawly issue. 502-644-8733

Tree and Shrub Disease and Fungus Control

Boxwood Similar to people, bushes and trees can get bacterial contaminations, and be likely to harming organism movement.

Again, many explanations behind plant decrease are expected to urbanizing the scene.

Ineffectively depleted, compacted soils are favorable places for ruthless organism.

Excessively watered plants regularly create “wet feet”. This condition prompts progressed root organism harm that ultimately kills the plant.

Tree sicknesses cause decaying depressions in the storage compartment and appendages.

Illnesses, for example, seridium infection of Leyland Cypress, can cause devestating misfortunes to your scene.

Shrub Doctors has extensive involvement with treating bush and tree illness. Our “Save That Tree” program permits Shrub Doctors to screen your valuable trees for decay and rot.

Notwithstanding our tree observing project, Shrub Doctors can treat your trees with advantageous natural supplements to keep them solid and sound for some future seasons.

Other than medicines, we work with you to work on your insight into plant wellbeing, and assist you with growing “prescribed procedures” that will kill sickness flare-ups later on.